Spring Forward

The time change is not something I enjoy, but if I had to choose which one to live with all the time, it would be springing forward. I feel what we gain outweighs the loss. I love that daylight hangs around after dinner, the warmth on my face from the sunshine, birds chirping outside on my patio, the smell of blossoms burst forth. As I step outside, my spirits lift because of what God has created. Spring brings with it life. It’s different than the fresh start January feel, and it’s a season of new growth. I love to set a fresh bouquet on my table during spring as it brings joy and vitality to the space. 

Flowers bring joy to my heart. I am a work in progress in this area. I do not have a green thumb and have been reading up on being a better gardener. Those who garden know that it takes time and work. A part of taking care to make sure new growth happens is pruning. Some flowers and plants require a process called cutting back. It is a form of pruning that helps promote new growth and improve a plant’s beauty. It involves removing leaves, stems, and buds and should be done after the plant has flowered. After cutting back, it may need a little more attention. It needs to be well watered, and the soil around it should be aerated. Naturally, thinking through this process, my mind connected it to home organization. 

Stepping in your home at the beginning of this new season may not feel like spring. There may be a bouquet of spring flowers in the middle of your dining room table, but you may be stuck in winter, summer, or fall. If you live in the Land of Enchantment, you may experience all seasons in one day; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a system or a plan to declutter. Some of us still have remnants of previous seasons lying around. Hats and gloves lay in a pile wherever your kiddos left them. Some of us have a box or two of ornaments that haven’t made it back to the attic or garage. There are those napkins with the Turkeys on them you bought for the children’s table at Thanksgiving, and while trying to find a shirt for your kiddo, you have come across two swimsuits that do not fit anymore. We can all relate. If you want that feeling of freshness spring brings in your home, it may be time to prune your space, cutting back things that no longer serve your space and giving attention to areas that need a little TLC. 

Are you ready to prune your spaces for spring? Here are a couple of areas you can start with as you plan your spring cleaning. 

Entry Way: 

The entryway becomes the drop and run spot. Currently, it’s probably a collection of shoes, backpacks, lunchboxes, gloves, and hats. Get your system back in place and your long-term storage active again. 

Guest Room: 

Raise your hand if your guest room has become the catch-all for all your returns, giftware, or other things that have made their way on your guest bed? Let’s spruce this space up by getting items back to their home. It may be time to add new linens or decor to get this space invite ready for friends and family. 

Laundry Room:

One of your home’s busiest and most neglected rooms is your laundry room. Have linens, single socks, or just too many clothes gotten stuck in your ongoing donation box? Spend a few minutes sorting, donating, and distributing what’s stuck and reclaim your laundry room space. 

Master Closet:

Winter is nearing an end. Now is a great time to let go of the winter clothes not worn. If there are items in your closet you have not worn this past year, it’s time to donate. It takes a few minutes to scan and see what has lingered there all season, and then off to your car to donate.

Home and Car

This winter, your car has collected trash and lots of random books, clothes, and other stuff. It seems like a second home at times for people with children because of time spent with all the extracurricular activities. Give your car that much-needed wash and interior cleaning, and keeping your car maintained will save you time and money in the long run. 

Who’s ready to bring spring back to your home, office, and car? Beginning the fourth Sunday in March, National Cleaning Week shows up just in time for fair weather! Besides a clean home, it’s a week that can improve moods, decrease stress levels, and increase creativity. It’s a week to put away winter essentials and tidy up our homes to usher in a fresh start with spring.

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