Organization: A Form of Love

Organization: A Form of Love

It’s the month of hearts and chocolate. Valentine’s Day was Monday so today we are talking about LOVE! Things that may come to mind during this month, credit to Hallmark, are love notes, hearts, roses and long wait times at fancy restaurants that are overpriced. You might ask what is an organizer doing posting about love? Today I want to talk and explore different types of things that can foster love to others and yourself besides what is advertised during the month of February.

How do you love yourself? How do you love others? Treating yourself and others can go beyond a lunch date, shopping outing or manicure. These things are great and I think they should be a part of how we treat one another and ourselves. However, treating yourself and others can also be about investing in change that improves your daily life.

Have you ever thought of organization as a form of love. I would say it is a form of love to those
around you and yourself. These are crazy times. It is very important to focus on the things that you love and how they improve your life. Living an organized life has many benefits to you as well as others. I want to encourage you to tackle one small project this month. I’m not suggesting you go all Marie Kondo on your home, start small.

Here are a few quick and easy ways you can show yourself and others love this month.

•Organize your sock drawer. Find those socks that have snuck in there with holes or have lost their partner in the dryer. If it doesn’t have a match, it’s gotta go!

•Create a healthy snack station in your kitchen. Place your family’s favorite snacks in a convenient area in labeled bins for easy access.

•Revamp and organize your children’s play area. A splash of new color, coupled with implementing a system for their toys and games will add newness. This will also be a good time to purge toys and games that are no longer age appropriate or need to be tossed due to damage.

•Organize the entryway closet where you house all your jackets, hats, and gloves. It may be time to purge before next season. Take inventory of things that may be too small or need repair.

•How many Tupperware lids do you own without the actual container or vice versa? That means if one is missing the other it’s time to repurpose or donate.

•We all have a storage cube system. Often times things get shoved into the cubes and what was once supposed to be a system turned into a collect all. Go through your cubes and reinvent the space for something new or bring life back into it’s intended purpose.

After you have picked a small project and finished, it will have an impact on you and others within your home. Loving ourselves and others can be so much more than we think it is. During this month of love, hearts and candy, I encourage you to give something that will impact the heart in a different way. Give calm and order, stress reduction, and an increase in joy and productivity by creating simple spaces in your home that bring peace of heart and mind.

As always, if you need anything, feel free to reach out to our team. We would be glad to come along side you and help with any project you have in mind.

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