Thanksgiving, the day that starts the holiday season, a whole day on our calendars dedicated to the purpose of being thankful. Celebrating family, friends and setting aside time to show gratitude for all that has been provided.

A tradition, started in my household long ago, was placing a little jar out with a note pad. We would write things we were thankful for throughout the month. On Thanksgiving day, as we sat around the table enjoying Thanksgiving meal, we would read them out loud. I cherish that activity, it was a moment of connection. Things listed were friendships, a favorite toy, travels, favorite foods, etc. It made us pause and ponder the things that added value to our lives.

The season of Thanksgiving seems to get choked out by the season of busyness. The hustle and bustle of getting everything ready for the day.  Today all the “after Thanksgiving” sales started and everyone is off to the races to find deals galore. What if thanksgiving became a way of life and was celebrated daily instead of one day allocated out of the year? What if “deals galore” were replaced with being intentional about our what’s and who’s in our lives? I would rather hold onto the people and things most important to me and let other things go that keep me from living a life of intention.

I encourage us to take inventory of those things in our lives that no longer serve a purpose. What things do we need to let go of in order to make space for the things we want? Making space for the people and things that fulfill us is important, but it means letting go of the things that confine us.

This Thanksgiving was spent with family and friends, watching the sunset, listening to wonderful hymns, decking the halls, ending with a drive to see Christmas lights. It was a wonderful day and my heart is full of thankfulness. I hope you had a wonderful day filled with family, friends and your heart is full as well.

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