Organization: What is Your Why?

Search any web browser these days with words like “capsule wardrobe”, “declutter”, “organize”, “minimalism” and you will find thousands of bloggers, books, magazines, tv shows, documentaries, and businesses providing information on how to maximize your space, get rid of your clutter, organize your home, amplify your wardrobe, reduce your consumption, place value on things you own, boost your productivity, decrease stress in your life, become a more content person.  These recommendations, in and of themselves, are excellent reasons to consider organization in your spaces.  The information provided online can be incredibly beneficial and can produce the inspiration you might need to begin the process.  As a professional organizer, I applaud and encourage organization and creating a sense of peace and comfort in the spaces where you do life.  

So, you may be thinking, why the post?  My answer, which is actually a question, “WHY do you have the desire to organize; and, what has prompted you to search for tips and tricks on how to organize, declutter, create a capsule wardrobe, or become a minimalist?”  Your answer to this question is the beginning of your journey.  Yes, living an organized life is a journey and not a destination; and, not all recommendations are appropriate for every individual or business.  

The impetus of “why” individuals or businesses desire to begin the process of decluttering and organization can be, both, diverse and common.  Here are some examples for your consideration:  

  • Feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed in your current spaces
  • Moving to a new home 
  • A reconfiguration of a current living space (ie. a need to create a home office in a space which currently serves as a bedroom)
  • Life events (ie. getting married, having a child, becoming empty nesters)
  • A desire to increase productivity and efficacy in your spaces

As you contemplate your specific needs and desires to determine your “why”, I recommend writing it down.  This will help you as you move forward in the journey of living an organized life.  Your “why” will anchor the reasons you desire to make changes, yes, but don’t be afraid to dream a bit.  Envision how your life will change for the better as you progress.  Consider the following questions:  

  • How will organization effect relationships with family members or coworkers?
  • How will decluttering impact your stress level in the spaces where you do life?  
  • What kind of time will you be afforded when you don’t have to hunt for things like you do now?  
  • How will you spend this time you have “created” through organization?  
  • How will your efficiency and productivity increase in different areas of your life during this process?  

Now that you have dreamed about what life might look like in your future, it’s time to determine how you want the space you are creating to look and feel.  Remember, not all tips and tricks fit.  In fact, many will not be applicable.  Decluttering and organization are as unique as you are.  Merriam-Webster defines organize as “to form into a coherent unity or functioning whole.”  Based upon the definition alone, it is easy to see that your unity and the way your home functions will likely differ from the way my home might function.  Embrace this!  Living a life of organization is NOT a contest.  You must create systems that work with your home and your family’s lifestyle.  Not everyone prefers to live in a minimal manner.  YOU DO YOU!  Do what works!  Write down your thoughts on how your space will look and feel, maybe even print out some pictures you find online.  Here are some ideas to contemplate: 

  • Do you prefer things to be tucked away and unseen? 
  • Would you like to have items in clear bins and visible?  
  • Do you need to create labels so you can find items?  
  • Should surfaces be cleared or is it okay to have trinkets on surfaces?  
  • Does this space need to invigorate you or create a sense of peace and comfort?  
  • What does your life look like in this space?  What do you do here?  

Wow!  You are doing great!  You are beginning to really delve into your “why” and this will provide you with something to review during a lull or a time of feeling overwhelmed as you work towards your goals.  Yes, go back and read your “why” as often as need be.  Feel the feelings of living organized, release the stress, smile and get going.  You’ve go this!  Remember, you are not alone.  According to this survey of 1,000 individuals, 74.1% have recently completed a decluttering/organizing project and 43.9% are likely to begin a project in the near future!  

Clutter and disorganization is a real element in life that effects everyone of us at multiple points in time.  Don’t allow yourself to become downhearted, depressed or feel condemnation.  We have ALL experienced this.  Clutter can negatively influence our mental health in a significant way.  However, as you walk the journey towards living organized these negatives will impact your life positively.  The survey mentioned previously indicates a reduction in stress by more than 61% of the participants.  So take heart! This is a common life struggle; and, again, you are not alone!  As you move along the path towards your organized life, you will feel a sense of accomplishment, you will save money, you will save time, you will feel more content and comfortable in the spaces where you do life.  Don’t wait to begin!  Start small!  Pick a drawer, a closet, a cupboard and get to work!  

We can help you with this process.  We are your cheerleaders and your coaches.  Reach out to us for additional resources, or enlist us to help you on your journey towards organization and living empowered.  Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the tools you need to be successful on your quest to live a productive, passionate, peace filled life!

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